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Bunbury Swimming Club Wins Inaugural Club Relay Trophy!

Erin McLachlan touches over to Peter Castieau in the relay


Bunbury Swimming Club had a very successful day winning 42 medals and gaining over 40 PB's at the Inaugural Region 1 Carnival held at the South West Sports Centre in Bunbury on Saturday 29 December 2001.

The carnival was the first held at the new centre, following the relocation from Manjimup to Bunbury.

A highlight of the day was Bunbury Swimming Club's victory in the 6 x 50m club relay. Swimming in the first heat, the team of Shenae Bird, Kendall Hill, Erin McLachlan, Peter Castieau, Nathan Campbell & Brett Munyard swam 3:13.15, 3 seconds ahead of runners-up Golden West Dolphins (3:16.67) and 9 seconds ahead of third placed Harvey (3:21.66)


See below for medallists and PB's


Congratulations to the following swimmers who acheived PB's

Erin McLachlan, Brett Munyard, Peter Castieau, Mary Castieau, Kate Bird, Darren Excell, Kendall Hill, Nathan Campbell, Hannah Sullivan, Jamieson McLachlan, Mary Anne Excell, Evan Campbell, Paige McKay, Bradley Cole, David McKay, Celine Castieau, Megan Sullivan & Shenae Bird.

And those who won medals were:

 Name  Gold  Silver  Bronze
 Kate Bird      
 Bradley Cole      
 David McKay      
 Erin McLachlan    
 Brett Munyard      
 Mary Castieau      
 Peter Castieau      
 Shenae Bird      
 Darren Excell      
 Kendall Hill      
 Hannah Sullivan      
 Nathan Campbell      
 Evan Campbell