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C Grade Club Premierships

Clare Castieau touches over to Paige McKay in the open relay

Darren Excell, Megan Sullivan, Celine Castieau & Jemma Garret watching the racing

Mary Anne Excell starts off the 11/U relay

Girls 13/U relay Kendall Hill, Erin McLachlan, Sophie Garrett & Paige McKay

Connor Fisher starts off the boys 11/U relay

Hannah Sullivan after her relay swim

Jemma Garrett

Kymberly Corkery is off and racing in her relay leg

Boys 13/U relay team - Bradley Cole, Evan Campbell, Curtis Guglielmana & Richard Smith

Girls 11/U relay team - Mary Anne Excell, Bree'Anne Milligan, Shenae Bird & Louise Banks

Connor Fisher & David McKay

Kate Bird & Kymberly Corkery

Bradley Cole & Edward Fitzgerald

Bradley Cole & Hayden Smith

Edward Fitzgerald & Amy Cartwright

Kate Bird, Shenae Bird, Kendall Hill & Hannah Sullivan

Matthew Garrett

Matthew Garrett

Celine Castieau

Jemma Garrett

Danielle Ciffolilli

Tom Castieau

Jemma Garrett cheering the team on

Evan & Nathan Campbell

Swimmers in the stands

Bunbury swimmers looking good in the march past

Coming out onto pool deck

Peter Castieau & Danielle Ciffolilli

Bunbury's C Grade Premiership Team!

lead by Club Captains Brett Munyard & Clare Castieau

Club President Lydia Ciffolilli

Leith Sullivan, Lyn Munyard, Mickie & Guy Castieau

The boys getting ready to have lunch outside Challenge

The bus arrives at Challenge

The girls 15/U relay team - Amy Cartwright, Danielle Ciffolilli, Shenae Bird & Megan Sullivan

Bradley Cole anchors the boys 13/U freestyle relay

Richard Smith in the 13/U relay