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Country Pennants Kalgoorlie 2002 Photos Page 1

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Girls enjoying the windup

L-R (back row) Celine Castieau, Clare Castieau, Megan Sullivan, Tamara Bell, Danielle Ciffolilli

L-R (front row) Mary Castieau, Paige McKay, Erin McLachlan

Melissa Corkery

Melissa Corkery & Danielle Ciffolilli

Clare Castieau & Megan Sullivan

Piera Usher gives Danielle Fitzgerald a massage while Bradley Cole, Erin McLachlan & Tamara Bell look on.

Melissa Corkery & Megan Sullivan

In the marshalling area

Megan Sullivan, Brett Munyard & Darren Excell

Girls 12/U freestyle relay team - Paige McKay, Kendall Hill, Shenae Bird & Bree'Anne Milligan

Boys 12/U free relay team - Jamieson McLachlan, Curtis Guglielmana, Darren Excell & Evan Campbell

Parents watching in the stands

Tamara Bell & Celine Castieau at the windup

Peter Castieau, Edward Fitzgerald & Scott Barry

Megan Sullivan & Celine Castieau

Kate Bird, Hannah Sullivan, Kymberly & Melissa Corkery's bug friend

Nathan Campbell, Peter Castieau & Edward Fitzgerald

Mary Castieau & Megan Sullivan

Megan Sullivan, Clare Castieau, Danielle Fitzgerald, Bradley Cole, Peter Castieau, Mary Castieau

Danielle Fitzgerald advertising sunblock

Tamara Bell writing on Megan Sullivan's arm

Shane Excell